Our Vision, Goal, Beliefs and Values

Aldridge Education is a Multi-Academy Trust, established by the Aldridge Foundation to fulfil the Aldridge ambition of growth through education. There are currently eight schools within the multi-academy trust, with Aldridge Education also sponsoring an academy school and co-sponsoring a University Technical College. Sir Rod Aldridge was also the Founding Chair of Ada, the National College for Digital Skills, a new FE college whose development is being supported by Aldridge Education.

Our Vision

Is that every student at an Aldridge school will achieve academically beyond initial personal expectations and prior attainment. Their learning and experiences in education will give them a wide perspective on the opportunities open to them and they will develop the practical skills to access every opportunity they want in life.

Our Goal

Is that, by the age of 25, all Aldridge graduates will have experienced an outstanding and enjoyable education and be able to sustain the life of their choice.  They will be independent, thriving economically and making a real, positive contribution to their communities.

Our Belief

Is that by introducing young people to, and helping develop in them, the core attributes of entrepreneurship, we can provide context and relevance to their learning, foster creativity, resilience, determination and self-reliance. These characteristics lead to the acquisition of further vital skills for adult life.

Our Values

We are unafraid to challenge conventional thinking, and a culture of low expectations. We believe there are no limits to what young people can achieve.

In our academies, the emphasis on entrepreneurial characteristics provides context for the learning of core subjects and is integrated into all areas of academy life. These characteristics or attributes – creativity, passion, determination, problem solving, risk taking and teamwork – also represent our organisational values.  All students have the opportunity to participate in entrepreneurial-related activity within and beyond the formal curriculum. These are based on a ‘learning through doing’ approach, ensuring that we bring the real world into the classroom, and take the classroom into the real world. This is key to our educational approach.

Our schools retain their individual community identities and each has its own Local Governing Committee. Aldridge Education is committed to a distributed governance model and Ofsted inspectors have cited governance as a strength in reports at a number of our schools.

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