In an Aldridge school or college, learning:

  • Develops the capacities that support learners in succeeding in life alongside securing the best qualifications possible
  • Is defined as the sum of all experiences inside and outside the classroom and school environment
  • Is seen as a lifelong activity
  • Is a dynamic process involving exploration, practice, mastery and application
  • Develops lively, creative, enquiring minds
  • Is hands on
  • Involves all aspects of human development; physical, social, emotional, spiritual and intellectual
  • Encourages the use of technology to engage, enthuse and support learners

Our schools and colleges are supported by a team of subject leaders who actively support, work alongside and help deliver improvement where it is needed. Our Quality Framework is based on the premise that supported self-evaluation is an effective way of identifying strengths and areas for development and, crucially, that enhanced leadership capacity will facilitate the rate of improvement.

The Quality Framework

This has been constructed with the annual school improvement cycle at its core, consistently drawing on the academy’s review and self-evaluation. It provides for regular challenge and support from the school’s dedicated Academy Partner and ensures that the Trust receives regular reports on each academy’s progress and is therefore able to respond rapidly when necessary.

Through the work of the Education Team, effective practice can be identified across all Aldridge Education academies and sponsored schools,  and used to enrich collaborative development and innovation. This is supplemented by our strong network of national partnerships with well-respected primary and secondary partners like the National Literacy Trust, who have piloted a pan-academy programme of whole-school reading strategies with us. The Education Endowment Foundation have also funded literacy and numeracy intervention summer schools hosted in our academies and delivered by Future Foundations.

Our School Improvement Results

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