We are entrepreneurial and our passion for high quality, inclusive education drives our work. We have shared goals and shared approaches which are tailored for the local context. We help each of our schools and colleges to define how best to achieve those goals for their community.

We encourage students, staff and members of the local community to develop a passion for learning as well as an entrepreneurial mind-set, enabling people to help take responsibility for their own futures and their neighbourhoods. Our values are the entrepreneurial attributes that we help our students to develop – creativity, passion, determination, problem-solving, risk-taking and teamwork.

We want all our schools to be ambitious and entrepreneurial – inside and outside the classroom, in strategic planning and everyday activity. This means that the emphasis on entrepreneurial thinking provides context for all the learning that takes place and every aspect of academic life. Staff make a commitment to supporting entrepreneurial behaviours, and to acting as a role model by using these behaviours themselves in their work.

Each school that we sponsor is unique. The students, staff and parents are unique. The history of predecessor schools and the local community is unique. We are unwaveringly committed to Aldridge schools being individual, inclusive, community focussed and able to provide outstanding entrepreneurial education to all of our students.

Each of our schools has its own governing body. These Local Governing Committees hold the academy leadership to account on school improvement, ensure the local community is engaged with the academy and that it is properly meeting its community’s needs.

Our schools have a shared vision for our students, developed jointly between all our Principals. We want every student at an Aldridge sponsored school or college to be exceptionally successful; capable, independent and enterprising; proud; praised; respectful; safe and happy; well-equipped to access every opportunity they want; well-advised; responsible; and healthy. You can read more about our shared vision for our students here.

Educational approach