Aldridge School Closures

Date: March 23rd 2020

In line with Government advice all of our schools closed on Friday 20th March.

They will remain closed for the vast majority of students until further notice, but from this week all Aldridge schools will be open to provide learning and care for children of those the Government has defined as key workers. During the school closure we are continuing to provide learning and teacher contact for all of our students using both on-line and off-line resources.

To find out more about the resources for your child’s continued learning, and the support and advice for both students and parents in this period please follow the link to your child’s school below.

Brighton Aldridge Community Academy

Darwen Aldridge Community Academy

Darwen Aldridge Enterprise Studio

Darwen Vale High School

Duke’s Aldridge Academy

Kensington Aldridge Academy

Portslade Aldridge Community Academy

Sudell Primary School 


As well as learning resources your school’s website will have advice and sign-posts for other sources of help on areas such as setting up to learn from home; staying safe online; mental health; and exercise and staying fit during the school closure.

We would like to thank all the teachers and staff at each of our schools for their hard work and dedication in providing the best possible support for our students during this period. Our thoughts are with all our students and their families during this difficult time, and with all NHS and social health teams working to support us all.

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