Brighton Aldridge Community Academy Celebrates Student Success at Awards Ceremony

Date: July 9th 2014

The evening of Wednesday 2 July saw Brighton Aldridge Community Academy (BACA) host its inaugural Sports and Entrepreneurial Awards Ceremony.  The event was bustling with over 400 attendees celebrating students’ achievements over the past year.

The first part of the evening focused on sports across all year groups, with the year 8 boys’ football team winning Team of the Year for consistently demonstrating and applying, the BACA entrepreneurial attributes of team work, problem solving, creativity, risk taking, determination and passion.

Students Stephen Ferroni, who represented England in cross-country this year, and Emma Sheen, table tennis champion, were presented trophies for their outstanding achievements.

As well as providing high standards of education, BACA’s focus on developing entrepreneurs of the future was highlighted during the evening.  Across each department students who demonstrated the entrepreneurial attributes were presented with awards by Sir Rod Aldridge.

The ceremony culminated in Shaun Page, a 6th Form student, being presented with the prestigious award for Entrepreneur of the Year. He consistently demonstrated each of the six entrepreneurial attributes the award stands for throughout lessons, in working with and helping other students and as a member of the Aldridge Cricket Academy.

Sir Rod commented “It is wonderful to see so many students and parents coming together to celebrate the achievements of students at the Academy. I have no doubt that the commitment and success of our award winners this evening will inspire their fellow students to go and seize opportunities in the future.  They have shown just what can be achieved in the classroom, on the sports field or in everyday life, with an entrepreneurial attitude. The skills BACA are helping students develop, whether it’s teamwork or creativity, passion and determination, problem-solving or risk-taking, are skills that help you stand out in today’s competitive jobs market and serve you well throughout life.”

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