Eren Lands Role In Channel 4 Drama

Date: April 6th 2018

Duke’s Aldridge Academy year 7 student Eren Ozsayen has landed a role in  ‘A Mother’s Love’, part of a trilogy of films being made under the 4stories scheme for Channel 4.

4STORIES is a Channel 4 and BlackLight initiative to promote under-represented voices in drama as part of a campaign to change the landscape of who makes and appears on the nation’s television screens.

The scheme gives a first television credit to highly talented and exciting new writers and directors who come from under-represented backgrounds due to their gender, ethnicity, or socio-economic status.
The three writers and directors have been chosen from thousands of applications. They are some of the UK’s most exciting and original new talent.

‘A Mother’s Love’ will be one of three distinct half hour films exploring crime and criminal justice from the perspective of female protagonists. Eren has a non speaking but significant part in the TV drama playing Faisal, the best friend of the lead boy.

Eren recently performed in Duke’s much praised production of The Little Shop of Horrors.


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