Executive Principal For North West Academies

Date: July 27th 2016

Darwen Aldridge Community Academy’s Principal Brendan Loughran has been appointed as Interim Executive Principal for all of the Aldridge Academies in the North West from September. In addition to the Academy the Foundation sponsors three other schools in the town, Darwen Vale, Darwen Aldridge Enterprise Studio and Sudell Primary.

Mr Loughran will undertake the interim role from September 1st until 30th April 2017.  In his letter to parents today he said: “It is of great importance to us that we ensure continuity of strong leadership at DACA through this period, so Mr Cane will fill the role of Interim Principal at DACA from 1st September 2016 until 31st December 2016 and Mrs Beaumont will fill the role of Interim Principal at DACA from 1st January 2017 until 30th April 2017.”

“Please be assured that although I will be leading other schools in addition to DACA, supporting them in working together to achieve the best educational experiences and outcomes of all of our students, I will continue to retain a strong presence at DACA, supporting Mrs Beaumont and Mr Cane in their interim roles.”

Kathy Cowell, Chair of the Aldridge Multi-Academy Trust in the North West said: “A key feature of our Trust is our commitment to each of our schools being individual, inclusive, entrepreneurial and community focussed – each with their own Principal reporting to their own governors.”

“The role of Executive Principal will be to work with the school Principals and the Foundation’s national team of Academic Partners to help each school further improve student outcomes.”

“We asked all of our Principals to consider expressing an interest in this position and from the candidates who came forward I am delighted to announce that Brendan Loughran has accepted our offer to take up the interim position. The Executive Principal’s role will be an important one in shaping the future of our schools here in the North West.”

Picture courtesy of the Lancashire Telegraph

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