GCSE Results Put Academy In Top 5% Of Peers Nationally

Date: August 24th 2017

Portslade Aldridge Community Academy students, staff and parents are celebrating another year of significantly improved GCSE exam results with some exceptional achievements.

The percentage of students who achieved grades 9-4 in both English and Maths, the new Government national benchmark, was 70%. This is projected to put PACA in the top 5% nationally of similar schools.

81% of students achieved grades 9-4 in Maths, again likely to be in the top 5% nationally. Similarly 76% achieved grades 9-4 in English (top 20% nationally). In both subjects PACA’s result is over 10% above the national average.  In many individual subjects pass rates and top grades achieved has also continued to improve. 50% of students sitting Art achieving the top A*/A grades.

Across all subjects 87% of students achieved at least one A*/A grade or equivalent.

There were many students who performed exceptionally well including:

Guolin Yang 8 A*/A grades including a ‘9’ in maths

Allyshia Vallier 8 A*/A grades including a ‘9’ in maths

Rhiannon I’Anson 8 A*/A

Grace Holding 7 A*/A

Megan Lowe 7 A*/A including a ‘9’ in English Language

Martha Whitehouse-Eagle 6 A*/A

Charlie Glover 6A*/A including a ‘9’ in maths


Students for achieving the most progress from KS2 to their GCSEs were:

PACA GCSE Charlotte Jupp webZena Fawzy-Abdou

Charlotte Jupp

Jacob Aditya

Isobel Emery

Bradley Copping


Emma MacDonald


Principal Ms Katie Scott said, ‘We are thrilled that the strategies implemented this year to navigate the challenges presented by the new English and Maths qualifications have proven to be successful.  We asked more of students and staff than ever before in order that students could achieve the best possible results and so have the life chances that they deserve.”

“I would like to thank the dedicated PACA staff for all the commitment they showed to enable our students to achieve excellence, and our parents for their support. The students have demonstrated that hard work, determination to succeed and working in partnership with their teachers leads to great results.”

PACA GCSE Katie Scott & Megan Lowe web

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