How To Survive In Teaching!

Date: January 17th 2018

Duke’s Aldridge Academy Head of English Dr. Emma Kell has taken to print herself with a guide on How to Survive in Teaching .. without imploding, exploding or walking away! The book, published by Bloomsbury Education draws on 20 years of research and first-hand experience to offers support, advice and practical suggestions to fellow teachers stay flourishing, positive and most importantly, stay teaching!

Recent statistics show that not enough teachers are entering the profession and that too many are leaving. Newspapers report regularly that teaching is facing a genuine crisis. But why is this? In this thought-provoking book Dr Kell examines workplace stress and anxiety, conflict and ‘toxic politics’, and the other factors which lead teachers to ultimately decide to walk away.

How To Survive In Teaching CoverDr Kell firmly believes there are ways to survive the increasing pressure teachers are under. Bloomsbury describes the book as offering “a realistic, unflinching and positive perspective on the challenges and rewards of teaching.” It includes successful models and strategies where a combination of support and challenge, accountability, and a sense of being valued have encouraged teachers to enter and remain in the profession.

The book, which was launched at a reception at Duke’s Aldridge Academy, has received strong endorsements already.

Sam Collins, Teacher and Founder of Schoolwell said: “The combination of informed analysis and practical advice, rooted in research and experience, make it invaluable.”

Loic Menzies, Director of Education and Youth ‘Think and Action-Tank LKM Co’ said: “Sprung from Emma’s love affair with teaching, How to Survive in Teaching is a compassionate plea for teachers to take care of themselves. Emma rightly reminds teachers that even if the profession is a vocation, teaching is also a job and must be treated as such.”

Speaking at the launch event Dr Kell focussed on the impact on students of the stress levels the profession faces, asserting that “children deserve better”. As one young interviewee put it: “Stressed teachers ‎infect us with their stress”.  She highlighted constant change with no opportunity for real consutation as a major contributor to stress felt by teachers. “It’s about giving teachers trusts integrity and a voice that’s listened to.”

Guest speakers at the event included Vic Goddard, Head of Passmores Academy (featured in the TV documentary Educating Essex) and Julian Stanley, CEO of Education Support.

Delma Fernandez, Duke’s Aldridge Academy’s Health and Well-being Coordinator concluded the event by outlining some of the staff welfare initiatives that have contributed to the academy having a very low staff turnover. Duke’s has Investors in People Gold Standard status.

How to Survive in Teaching .. without imploding, exploding or walking away! is available through Amazon . Dr Kell has given her five top tips for surviving in a video on our Blog.




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