“I’m So Proud To Be His Voice”

Date: May 24th 2019

Year 8 Portslade Aldridge Community Academy student Stephanie Holden was asked to participate in the Brighton Fringe Festival recently, at an event which gave young people the chance to produce and perform a TED talk. The event was organised by Little Green Pig which is a group that works with young people on their writing skills.

Stephanie said: “I chose to do this project because I had worked with Little Green Pig before at PACA and loved it, so I was keen to get involved with the one outside of school. I also love public speaking and I have always wanted to do a TED talk. This was the perfect project for me. I am so glad that I got to share my story and educate people on what life is like living with an autistic brother. I am so proud to be his voice.”

“Little Green Pig have so many different events for people to get involved in. Everyone that they do is different so go and see what they have on next, anyone can join.”

Stephanie’s tutor at the academy, Frankie McBrien went to watch the event and said afterwards: “I was so proud to see Stephanie as part of the Brighton Fringe Festival. She spoke so confidently about her brother, it was moment that made me very proud to be her teacher. Her story was both emotive and full of humour. She was the youngest performer in the group but that didn’t phase her. I think she did PACA, her family and especially her brother proud!”

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