Isle of Portland Aldridge Community Academy Delivers Portland’s Best Ever GCSE Results!

Date: August 21st 2013

ipaca students celebrate their gcse results web


Isle of Portland Aldridge Community Academy (IPACA) students and staff celebrated the island’s best ever GCSE results. In just one year of hard work and new thinking, the IPACA team has lifted Portland’s GCSE results to a record high.

Students attained 77% A* – C in English and 66% A*- C in Maths with an overall result of 55% 5 A* – C GCSEs including English & Maths.

Principal Alison Appleyard said “I am absolutely delighted and thrilled for our students. Their effort and hard work has given them a fantastic start in life” she added “My staff have done an amazing job this year. Not only have they come together to create our wonderful Academy but they have also facilitated our students’ success”

Vice Principal Rob Russell said “I am extremely pleased with the massive improvements in exam results that we have achieved by working together. This demonstrates the potential of our island’s children for academic attainment and I am looking forward to what we can achieve over the coming years.”

Honor Wilson-Fletcher, Chair of Governors, enthused ”IPACA is determined to provide our students with the educational opportunities they deserve.  This remarkable shift in results in just one year is a huge testament to our fantastic staff and students  – and an indication of where we are heading, too.  I am incredibly proud of all they have achieved.   Can we make the lighthouse change colour to celebrate?’

On a serious note Alison explained ‘To enable our children to reach their full potential we need to be operating out of facilities fit for 21st Century learning, not the tired and dilapidated properties we currently have. We were extremely disappointed that our planning permission for Maritime House was refused and we hope our imminent appeal is successful and we can move forward to even greater heights”.

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