PACA’s Social Action Committee Help Fund Brighton’s First Ever Bubble Festival

Date: April 23rd 2018

PACA’s award winning Social Action Committee were delighted to award Brighton’s first ever Bubble Festival with £500 from their Pegasus fund.

On April 21st 2018 the communities of Brighton and Hove gathered together at the Level in a show of unity and solidarity to create the possibility of peace by blowing bubbles, and creating a sky full of fun, love and laughter.

This event highlighted the issues that the world currently faces around violence and conflict. They aimed to raise at least £20,000 so that they could make a real difference and tangible and direct impact upon our community.

This is a Non-Violence Project who specialise in running community projects to educate the children of today in peaceful conflict resolution. A wise man once said that the children are the future, and the Non-Violence Project really embody this message. They are currently in the process of launching an app that will enable young people to report bullying anonymously to their schools. The Annual Bullying Survey 2016 recently reported that 1.5 million young people have been bullied within the past year, and that of these people 145,800 were bullied everyday. This new app will be an invaluable tool in the task of tackling bullying which, at present, is an area that schools are struggling to deal with effectively.

The promise of Bubble Gun is that for every £10,000 raised, 5000 children in East Sussex will have access to this app for one year. This will have a massive and immediate impact on our community and we know that this will be just the start. If we tackle bullying and create the possibility for peace with the young people of this world imagine how this might impact society as a whole as we move into the future.

We dare you to dream big and to join us in our stand for a future world in which all guns blow bubbles.

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