Peter Kyle MP On Chairing An Aldridge Academy

Date: July 12th 2017

Peter Kyle MP was the first chair of Brighton Aldridge Community Academy, which opened in 2010, and, having been re-elected as MP for Hove and Portslade in June, has recently handed the baton on to Jim May.

On July 12th Peter spoke to students and staff at Brighton Aldridge Community Academy’s Achievement Awards assembly. Principal Dylan Davies introduced the assembly, talking about change and innovation, and introducing exciting new partnerships the academy has developed to launch new sixth-form courses in Music and the Performing Arts in September.

BACA students then received awards on stage for their individual achievements over the course of the year in applying the Aldridge Attributes to their learning, and for their attendance.

Jim May then introduced Peter, who echoed the assembly theme in talking of his pride positive changes that have happened at the school since it opened, and its impact on the community. Telling the students about his own experience of going back to secondary school at 25 to get the qualifications he needed to get to university Peter confessed that making that personal change “felt weird and difficult” but led to lots of opportunities, including getting his degree and then doctorate.

Talking about creating the change needed to win his parliamentary seat needed from the sitting MP, Peter said that “to change is to feel different”. Quoting Grace Hopper he reflected that “The most dangerous phrase in the English language is we always do it this way. BACA has epitomised that change. Chairing the academy has been the most rewarding exciting and educative experience I’ve ever had.”

He also praised Sir Rod Aldridge for his “Raw passion, clarity drive and ambition” in establishing the academy and other Aldridge schools. “But it’s the students who create change, real sense of ambition and are brave enough to do things differently.”

“BACA will always have the strongest loudest of champions in me.”


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