School Rolls Data

Date: November 6th 2018

The Guardian newspaper has today published an article, based on freely available public data, highlighting  academy chains, including our Trust, and local authorities which had the highest numbers of 15- 16-year-olds leaving their schools between years 10 and 11 last year.

Our Trust’s position regarding this, which was partially reported in the article, is that any reduction in our schools’ rolls is something we take very seriously. As an academy sponsor we deliberately set out to help schools in communities where young people have typically left school under-achieving their full potential. We want the maximum number of children possible in the communities we serve to benefit from the improvements our schools have achieved, and which have been recognised by Ofsted. To have a stable, exciting and engaging education.

Whatever the reason for a child moving school, the key issue for all concerned is what is best for the individual student, and we work closely with neighbouring schools and the local authority on this. Any change of school comes about as a result of a detailed formal process, often involving outside agencies, and certainly with involvement of the parents.

Our position in a league table of multi-academy trusts represents the history of the individual schools we have taken on to support, and that we are committed to changing, and categorically does not reflect any polices that would deliberately reduce the numbers of students on our schools’ rolls.

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