Vale’s Mathematicians Shine

Date: July 19th 2019

On Tuesday eight high achieving year nine students from Darwen Vale High School visited the AMSP Maths Feast, a banquet of maths challenges and activities designed to push bright students and give them a taste of A-level mathematics.

The day included a diet of maths sessions, ranging from learning how to decode encrypted messages, using probability to see how clairvoyant they are, to making magic squares.

But the day’s showstopper was the Dragon Quiz. Vale students were pitted against four other local schools in this problem solving contest. With each correct answer students were given a piece of dragon, and the race was on to construct the longest dragon.

Darwen Vale’s team rose to the challenge and consumed all 15 challenge questions, beating all their competitors!

Principal Matthew Little said: “Our students represented the school brilliantly, and came away with a renewed sense of the joy of mathematics.”

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