1. Darwen Aldridge Community Academy
  2. Brighton Aldridge Community Academy
  3. Portslade Aldridge Community Academy
  4. Ada. National College for Digital Skills
  5. Darwen Aldridge Enterprise Studio School
  6. Kensington Aldridge Academy
  7. Darwen Vale High School
  8. Sudell Primary School
  9. UTC@harbourside, Newhaven
  10. UTC@MediaCityUK, Salford

Aldridge Education is a Multi-Academy Trust established by the Aldridge Foundation to fulfil the Aldridge ambition of growth through education. Our entrepreneurial academy schools and colleges help young people to reach their potential and are catalysts for the regeneration of the communities they serve.

Aldridge Education sponsors non-selective community schools and colleges which have a strong focus on entrepreneurship and on rapidly improving the quality of education on offer in order to transform the life-chances of young people.

Our definition of the entrepreneurial mindset is one ‘which strives to take action, solve problems, and rejects the status quo’. The attributes that we reward in students and prioritise in all our work are passion, creativity, teamwork, risk taking, determination, discipline, problem solving and vision.

Each Academy offers resources and physical spaces to support entrepreneurial activities developed by members of the wider community as well as for its student body.

Aldridge Education and its Academies also work in partnership with local individuals and organisations (charitable, voluntary, commercial, public sector) to develop each Academy as a civic and community asset. Our Academies are non-selective and free, with admissions based on the existing local authority system, and there are no entrance examinations.

Academy Schools are schools funded directly by the Government, rather than the local authority, and have “sponsors” who contribute extra resources and new ideas to benefit the students. Sponsors must be approved by the Government, to ensure they are capable of running an Academy successfully.

Like all schools, Aldridge Education Academies are inspected by OFSTED, and our GCSE results are made public. Each one has a Principal and Leadership team who are responsible for the day to day running of the Academy, with a Board of Governors that includes parents and teachers, responsible for ensuring the Academy meets the education standards it is set, and the needs of the local community it serves.

We opened our first Academy in September 2008 in Darwen, Lancashire, and there are currently four schools in the North West in our MAT with another three in the South East in the process of joining from February 2017. Our third regional cluster of schools is in London. In October 2016 we announced that we would be standing aside as sponsor of IPACA on Portland, Dorset, following agreement that the school needed the support of a multi-academy trust with more resources locally than we could deploy as we do not have a cluster of schools in the South West.

Aldridge Education is also a co-sponsor of the University Technical Colleges for MediaCityUK in Salford and at harbourside in Newhaven, Sussex, both of which opened in 2015. We are also supporting  the development of Ada, the National College for Digital Skills, a new FE college which opened in Haringey in September 2016.