Aldridge Education and our academies have a shared vision for every student at an Aldridge Academy.

Exceptionally Successful

All students at an Aldridge Academy will achieve academically beyond initial personal expectations and prior attainment.

Capable, Independent and Entrepreneurial

Aldridge Academy students will have the practical skills (and experience of using them) that they will need to access every opportunity in life, including financial awareness and communication skills.


All students at Aldridge Academies will know, understand and value the distinct nature of their educational experience with us. They will value the opportunities and challenges they are offered and be proud of their school.


All students will be praised and rewarded for their progression and personal achievements.


Students at Aldridge Academies will respect their teachers and each other, and will actively work together and support each other to achieve their goals.

Safe and Happy

All Aldridge Academy students will find a safe, welcoming and engaging environment at school and our students will enjoy school, knowing that their priorities and concerns inform everything that we do.


We aspire to equality of opportunity for all our students. We will encourage and help every student to be equipped with the confidence, social skills and networks they need to access and pursue every opportunity they want.


All Aldridge Academy students will receive support and guidance to ensure ambitious, appropriate ‘next steps’ after leaving school.


We will help every student to develop a sense of responsibility – for their own futures, and for the people around them. We want our students to have a social conscience, and to understand the rewards of active citizenship. We will give all Aldridge Academy students responsibilities and we will respect and value their contributions to school life.


Aldridge Academy students will be physically active and will understand the benefits of respecting and looking after their bodies and their minds.

Academy Specialisms