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Enterprise, entrepreneurship and the world of work

“Facilitating our students to know more and to make an impact with what they know.”

Enterprise is at the heart of what Aldridge schools are about. But what do we mean by enterprise?

When speaking of a business, enterprise can be defined as “an organisation, especially a business, or a difficult and important plan, especially one that will earn money.”

Enterprise can also be thought of as a personal quality: “eagerness to do something new and clever, despite any risks; the quality or activity of thinking of new ideas and activities in business and making them successful despite the risks involved”.

Our definition of enterprise combines the sentiment of both of the above in terms of a desire to act, the ambition to try new things, to do what others might not consider doing and the creativity to imagine, to explore, to create.

We want our students to know more and be able to do more with what they know; to make an impact because they are able to use their knowledge to be beneficial. 

This starts at school as a student learns to apply their knowledge, as they make links that allow their knowledge to be greater than the sum of its parts. At school too, they learn to problem-solve, to listen, to think, to explore and create, to learn from their mistakes, to function as part of the group or the team because they learn how people work and how to impact both with their knowledge and with their developing skills. The more they experience, the more positive exposures they gain, the better equipped they are when they leave compulsory education.

We know our students will go to a range of destinations eventually. We want to make sure they are aware of their options and support them, whichever they choose. Whether they go on to training or university; whether they follow through to paid employment, a start-up, a social enterprise setting or take time out to raise a family, we want them to know more and to make an impact with what they know.

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