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What is Aldridge Talks?


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Aldridge Talks is our brand new podcast being produced to support you to understand the topics discussed in your PSHE curriculum.


The guest speakers on Aldridge Talks, will be professionals on the subject and hold a prominent career in the sector.


Not only will you gain a deeper understanding of different topics relevant to society, but it will also help you form opinions on those topics and if you need to access further help, more information will be available to you.




Our guest speakers will talk openly about their career to date, sharing the challenges as well as the opportunities their career has given them. They will help inform you of how to enter a career in their sector, what experience you may wish to gain and what skills you need to develop to be successful.

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Aldridge Talks is available for all Aldridge students via Spotify (only students aged 13+). Students below the age of 13 will be able to access age-appropriate content during your timetabled PSHE lessons.


Podcast Release Schedule

April 2023
Consent with Katie Russell, the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Support After Rape and Sexual Violence Leeds (SARSVL), a specialist charity in West Yorkshire. Katie has been an intersectional feminist activist, working and volunteering in the Rape Crisis and wider women’s and girls’ movements, for the past 20 years. Katie was also the Operations Manager and National media spokesperson for Rape Crisis England & Wales and has worked for Rape Crisis charities across the UK. 

June 2023
Terrorism with Nick Wilkinson, current Assistant Director Contest and Serious Organised Crime and previous Assistant Chief Constable of Kent Police Force, having previously led the Sussex Police response to serious disorder around the UK. In July 2000 he was in charge of the search for Sarah Payne and delivered national training on responding to missing children.


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