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How we talk to and hear from our local communities

We do this largely through our local governing committees, who focus in on stakeholder engagement and student personal development.  By this we mean that our local governors – largely people from the area served by our schools – seek to talk to local residents and businesses, to find ways to do good both to our students and to the local community.  To be sensitive to local needs and context and to ensure our provision is mindful of these and responsive to them.  They seek to find ways to meet local needs – both current and future - and, in doing so, to broaden the experiences our students gain in a safe and appropriate way. 

They are also there to listen – to hear what you think, to listen to your comments.  They know just how precious genuine community engagement is and how powerful it can be for us and our school communities. 

And, of course, they’re always looking for people who want to contribute in a more formal, voluntary way.  If you think local governance might be for you; if you have a skillset you’d like to share and you have no cautions or convictions that would bar you from working with children, your local Chair of Governors would be glad to have a coffee with you to find out more.

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