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“When I started secondary school in 2006, Darwen Moorland High School was under special measures. Over the summer the assembly hall had been burnt down in an arson attack. Most reports about the school in local newspapers were negative, and students were often treated in the same way.

By the time I left school, Darwen Aldridge Community Academy was one of the most improved schools in the country, it was in a multi-million pound building in Darwen town centre, and it contained one of the best Sixth Forms in the North West of England.

Not only was our education transformed, but our community was too. It’s hard to explain how grateful I am to the Academy.”

Liam Dargan, former student at Darwen Aldridge Community Academy

We are a family of schools and an adult learning provider working together for the good of our learners.

We share a strong set of values and beliefs. 

We want to attract the very best teachers. We want our staff to feel supported, developed and empowered. We believe that our people want to be successful in the workplace and that if we provide a clear model and consistent coaching, together we can make this a reality.

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Aldridge leaders understand the benefit of working in collaboration with others inside and outside their school and they build successful partnerships across many spheres of influence.

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Our leaders understand the benefit of being part of a family of schools and seek to maximise these opportunities, wherever possible. You can read more about how the Trust supports our schools to succeed here.

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