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NPQ Application Form

Welcome to our NPQ Programmes application form. You are applying to Aldridge Education, one of Teach First's Delivery Partners for this exciting suite of qualifications. Our NPQ programmes help talented teachers become inspiring leaders at every level.

The Commitment

If you are applying on behalf of yourself, before starting, please ensure you have informed your line manager and headteacher that you are applying for the NPQs and the programme for which you are applying. If your application is successful, you will be sent a document outlining the expectations of the programme. You will be asked to sign the document to confirm you will meet these expectations, and your head teacher will also be asked to sign the document to confirm they understand and agree to the commitment involved.


Online resources - All the high-quality resources that come with the programme are available online. You’ll access knowledge and tools to help you reflect on and track your leadership development, tackling the issues impacting your school. Each stage requires around ten hours of online learning through modules. You can take these as and when you choose. 

Live training sessions - Get together online (and in-person where possible) with leadership experts and fellow participants to review your work, prepare for the next stages and share experiences. There are several focused learning events throughout the NPQ programme: these will be a mixture of virtual and in-person sessions, both one-to-one and in groups, providing an opportunity to focus on your context, deepen your understanding, and access support to reflect on your own and your pupils’ progress. 

If you move schools, this may mean you are unable to complete the programme (see our eligibility criteria), so please do consider this as well. 

Please acknowledge the information shared here, and the commitment required to complete the programme, when you complete the application form.

Application criteria and process

Please note that:
Teacher Status Checks may be conducted with the Teaching Regulation Agency to ensure that no prohibited teachers are accepted onto the programme. If we are made aware that you are prohibited from the teaching profession, we reserve the right to withdraw your place from the NPQ programmes.

Data Protection - Fair Collection Notice

The information you have provided will be used to contact you in relation to the specific Teach First programme(s) or initiates you have applied for, including any next steps required for your application and any relevant updates. Our main contact method is email but we may also contact you via phone, post, SMS or push notifications. By completing this form, you agree to be contacted for this purpose.

For more information on how we handle your personal information, please see our Data Protection Policy.

Opportunity - Access To Teach First's 1:1 Support

You may be eligible to receive free 1:1 support from Teach First to support you in your NPQ. We know it can be helpful to have an experienced former school leader (called a development lead) to coach and guide you throughout your NPQ, and we are able to offer this for a limited number of schools. 

The support involves a series of one to one coaching calls over the course of your NPQ programme with your dedicated development lead. You would need to be able to commit to attending at least five 60-minute calls during each year of your NPQ in addition to the time dedicated to the core programme. 

Eligibility for this offer is based on your school eligibility, and we will contact you prior to the start of your NPQ to confirm whether we are able to offer you a place. 

Please tick where indicated on the application box if you would like to be considered for this opportunity. 

 The Application Form

Please complete all fields marked with a *

The NPQ programme Selection Team will assess your application based on your responses to the questions below. Please take your time to consider your responses, give enough detail in your responses to fully answer the question, and check your spelling and grammar before submitting. We will look at your understanding of the NPQ programme and how it will impact your practice in school and with your pupils.

Within your answer please consider: Your understanding of the structure of the programme.; how taking part in the programme will impact on your development and progress; the impact that you would hope to have with this training.(400 words max)

Within your answer please consider: how this example demonstrates your readiness to take the next step in school leadership; and what skills you will focus on developing (400 words max).

• Teaching and Learning (including curriculum and assessment) • Developing Others • Behaviour and SEND • School and Trust Culture • Organisational management and leadership (400 words max)

Individual requirements can include but are not limited to: Sensory, mobility and health conditions. Neurodiversity, including Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, Epilepsy and other hidden disabilities. Faith, including prayer room access or if you are unavailable at specific days or times due to religious observances. Please only use this box to outline individual requirements which could potentially impact allowing you to perform to the best of your ability and we can organise reasonable adjustments where necessary.

To be considered for your NPQ programme choice you will need to secure agreement from your head teacher. This is to ensure your school supports you in pursuing, and you are able to ensure you can meet the required commitment to achieve, the NPQ. Your place on the programme is secured once your head teacher has co-signed the agreement we will send you if your application is successful and before starting your NPQ. If you are currently a head teacher or due to start a headship position, please indicate 'yes - authorisation granted'.



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