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DAES Taking Part In #Imnotamuslimbutiwillfastforoneday

Staff at the Darwen Aldridge Enterprise Studio are taking part in the #imnotamuslimbutiwillfastforoneday project.

One Voice Blackburn has invited non-Muslims too fast for a day in a community cohesion initiative. This year the challenge started on 13h April and ends on 11th May 2021. The project won an Excellence award in the marketing section of the national Inclusive Companies Awards in 2018. It has featured over 1000 participants since its launch.



Staff at DAES have said;

‘This is my first time fasting and at the moment I’m feeling fine. It has been strange to wake and not drink water or eat breakfast and I’m sure it will become more challenging throughout the day. I’ve decided to do this in support of Muslim colleagues and students and to better understand the meaning of Ramadan and how important it is to them.’

Adam Hunt


‘I’m fasting to show my support for the community in school, but also to feed my curiosity. Going without food is a challenge in itself but going without a drink as well is something else. I have never done this before, and I thought it would be an interesting challenge to set myself. It’s also encouraging and supportive that so many of our staff are involved supporting our Muslim staff and students through this reflective and spiritual time.’

Jonathan Irwin


To register your interest please contact One Voice on 01254 676193, or email: