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Growing Together ECF Pathways - Georgia Newsham

My name is Georgia Newsham, I am a first year ECT I am currently the Year 1 teacher at Sudell Primary School in Darwen.


As an undergraduate student, I reviewed case studies that showed children lacking primary and secondary socialisation can end up in the criminal justice system before they turn 16. Knowing how crucial early development is, I decided to pursue Early Years Primary Education to make a positive impact on young minds.


Being new to the teaching world can be very daunting however the ECF has been an extremely beneficial resource for my classroom and professional development as an ECT. It's like having a map to guide me through the early stages of my career. The structured support and constant feedback from my mentor and ECF lead have been invaluable. It's reassuring to have somebody who's completed the ECF programme themselves, help guide me through my early career.


Through attending seminars, I've gained a deeper understanding of teaching theory and evidence-based strategies. This has made me more confident in my teaching and better equipped to create engaging lessons for my students. The emphasis on reflection has been crucial for my growth.


Taking the time to evaluate my teaching methods and make adjustments based on feedback has been beneficial. Collaboration has been key too. Working with other teachers at the same stage as me has been so beneficial. We share ideas, support each other, and it's created a really positive environment for professional growth.The programme has boosted my confidence and competence as a teacher. I feel more prepared to meet the needs of my students and make a real difference in their learning journey. I’ve seen how to create a work-life balance and look after my own emotional and physical wellbeing too. It’s a great programme to be a part of and I am looking forward to future opportunities that I may face due to the guidance and support it has given me.

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