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In this blog series, we shine a spotlight on the NPQ courses we have on offer in partnership with Teach First, including showcasing some of our fantastic programme members.



Growing Together NPQ Spotlight - Emma Jones

Today’s post is a spotlight on… The NPQ for Leading Behaviour and Culture (NPQLBC) Emma Jones who is the Assistant Principal for Behaviour at Darwen Aldridge Community Academy. 

We are delighted to have Emma in the spotlight today. She has completed the NPQLBC and is now moving onto her NPQ in senior leadership. Emma is such an enthusiastic participant in all events and a valued member of our NPQ community!

What drew you to work in the education profession?
I always wanted to have the same impact on the lives of young people as teachers did on me. My time at school, particularly in KS3, was not the easiest and it was the investment of staff which ensured that I got through that time and made it to the end of KS4 feeling positive and happy at school first and foremost, but also having achieved success in my exams. 

Why did you want to complete an NPQ? 

I have already completed NPQML and I am currently in post as an Assistant Head - it made sense to ensure I was as equipped as possible to fulfil my role and by completing the NPQLBC, I felt able to complete the role to the best of my ability. This also felt like an appropriate step towards completing my NPQSL and hopefully in the future my NPQH.

How has your NPQ impacted on your work in school? 

My NPQ has equipped me with additional skills which are adaptable to my role. It has given me insight into the planning and preparation required to implement a successful and sustainable plan which will positively influence change within my school setting.

What are you hoping to do next with what you have learnt from the course? 

I am hoping to ensure that the culture within my setting continues to improve and that we can sustain the current changes we have made whilst growing as an academy. I am always seeking to keep growing and developing each day.

What is your biggest piece of advice for someone who is considering applying to the course? 

Ensure that you attend all sessions, as each one provides different information which is valuable. Be an active learner within the session and engage by answering questions and participating in group discussions.

What are the main reasons someone should consider completing an Aldridge Education/ Teach First NPQ? 

For your own professional development and to enhance your ability to do the role to the best standard possible. With this in mind, the NPQ programme can also open the opportunity for career progression and additional responsibility within your role. 

Emma will be continuing her NPQSL until Autumn 2025. Best of luck to her for the rest of her studies!

Does this sound like the next step in your career? Or could there be a different leadership course for you? Find out more information about our courses and how to apply here: or get in touch with a member of the Growing Together team at joining one of our NPQ courses, educators can unlock their leadership potential and make a significant impact on education, empowering students and shaping the future of learning. We offer a range of NPQ courses, including NPQLT (Leading Teaching), NPQLL (Leading Literacy), NPQLTD (Leading Teacher Development), NPQLBC (Leading Behaviour and Culture), NPQSL (Senior Leadership), and NPQH (Headship). So, no matter where you are in your career, we have a course that's right for you. 

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