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"I did so much better than I was expecting!" BACA students celebrate

Following the excellent KS5 results earlier this week, today it was the turn of BACA’s Year 11 students to celebrate an excellent set of GCSE results.

Principal Bob Speight commented, “The students in this year group have been such a pleasure to work with. Their KS4 studies have faced considerable disruption over the last 18 months, yet they have demonstrated real resilience and can-do spirit. I would like to thank them, their parents and carers and the staff who have worked with them to achieve these excellent outcomes. It is also worth remembering the personal triumphs and stories behind every student’s results, with many students who have succeeded in overcoming a number of personal challenges.”

Although exams were again cancelled this year, the grades the students received are theirs to be very proud of, the result of years of study, hard work and commitment. Based on teacher assessments, a very rigorous process of moderation within school and across the Aldridge Education MAT, these grades represent the continuation of BACA’s consistent trajectory of rapid improvement.

Whereas normally schools would publicise their headline figures and compare them with other schools and national benchmarks, the focus today is entirely on the students; celebrating their successes and supporting their transition to the next stage of their education whether at BACA college or elsewhere.

Key student success stories include -

  • Bara’a Mohammed - 4 9s in English, Biology, Product Design and Arabic 4 8s and a 7
  • Kate Lepadatu - A 9 in Maths, 3 8s and 4 7s
  • Faith King - 9s in English and Geography, an 8 4 7s and a Distinction *
  • Abdh Al-Muflahi - 5 8s, 2 7s, 3 6s
  • Wes McGrath - 3 8s, 2 7s, a Distinction * and a Distinction
  • Bredli Dema - a 9 in Italian, an 8, and 2 7s
  • Jamie Bundock - 4 8s and a 7. Jamie said; “I feel really happy that all my hard work has paid off.”
  • Logane Mboyi said: “There’s been many times where I’ve felt supported by the staff at BACA. I feel that because of them I will go on to have a successful future and career in performing arts - hopefully!”
  • Dorcas Mimbulu said: “Throughout the past 5 years the teachers have created an extremely supportive environment for all of us, providing us with amazing opportunities despite the amount of challenges we’ve tackled. It’s been a pleasure to be a student here.”
  • Tchiana-Hope Phillips said: “I did so much better than I was expecting!”
  • Ellis Cutayar said: “I’m really pleased... all the teachers at BACA have helped me to do well.”


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