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September Return To School

Aldridge Education Trust schools are looking forward to all students and staff returning to school full-time from the start of the autumn term, and are currently preparing for this in a way which will comply with health and safety advice and guidance.

To ensure this, each school is thoroughly reviewing their health and safety risk assessments and drawing up plans and actions that addresses the risks identified, using systems of controls set out in Department for Education guidance. Our schools have remained open to some students throughout the pandemic lockdown, and we are using this experience of having already assessed the risks and implemented control measures to limit the transmission of coronavirus in our planning for the September full reopening.

Each school will produce a plan that enables them to deliver their normal curriculum with full educational and care support for all students including disadvantaged students and those who have special educational needs. That plan will be submitted for approval by our CEO.

Our plans will vary to take account of the circumstances of each school, but in each case they will include ensuring that those who are ill don’t come into school; robust hand and respiratory hygiene regimes; how we reduce contacts and maximise distancing between those in school wherever possible; enhanced cleaning arrangements; and how we will actively engage with NHS Test and Trace.

We fully support the Government’s reiteration that student attendance is mandatory and essential to our students’ learning, wellbeing and wider development. Our schools are committed to working with families to secure regular school attendance, being sensitive to the individual circumstances that some families may still be facing at the time of reopening.

As we have done in our planning and reaction to the pandemic to date, we expect to continue to listen to the views of other key external stakeholders and to consider their views carefully as we develop and finalise each school’s plan. The completed plans will be fully shared with our staff and their representatives, our parents and carers, and our local partners in each school community. Reopening plans may include changes to some school policies, and we would ask parents and carers to familiarise themselves with any changes that their schools notify them of.

We would like to thank all the teachers and staff at each of our schools and colleges for their hard work and dedication in providing the best possible support for our students during the lockdown period. We would also like to thank our students and their parents for the way that they have risen to the challenge of learning from home since March.