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Shadow Minister visits Darwen Vale High Schools STUDENT COUNCIL


Darwen Vale High School

Darwen Vale Student Council welcomed Mrs Phillipson to the school to discuss careers advice and the wider life of the school. 

Mrs Phillipson and her team were in Darwen to visit Herbert Parkinson to talk about apprenticeships and education. There is a close partnership between Darwen Vale High School and Herbert Parkinson facilitated by the Lancashire Careers Hub.

Mrs Phillipson said:

It was wonderful to visit Darwen Vale High School to hear pupils’ ideas on improving the education system and supporting children’s wellbeing.
It was also great to answer pupils questions about my work as an MP, and to hear their interest in the career opportunities available to them.
Labour wants every child to leave education ready for work and ready for life, and the students of Darwen Vale have given us lots of ideas on how to achieve that’’

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