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Trust Announces The Appointment Of Our First Chief Growth Officer

Aldridge Education has announced the appointment of Mubaaruck Ibrahim as our Trust’s first Chief Growth Officer. Mubaaruck is currently CEO of Feversham Education Trust and is a former Executive Principal at Star Academies..

Chief Executive Jane Fletcher said: “This is an exciting appointment for us as we continue to grow our Trust. In the past two years we have invested in developing a strong school improvement model; offering our students additional chances to catch-up after lockdown through our free Virtual Aldridge tutoring programme; and are building a unique professional development programme for our staff.

The Chief Growth Officer role will have a wide brief across any opportunity that might contribute to the organisation’s overall growth, supports our growing reputation and the achievement of our ambitions.

We have a strong ambition to grow our schools and, in time, provide parallel adult learning in the communities we serve. We have recently announced new partnerships with TeachFirst and with Harrow School, and we are keen to work with other partners who can help us provide an excellent education for all our learners that leads to quality destinations.

Mubaaruck brings considerable experience and expertise in developing outstanding organisations, with four of the schools he has led and managed being in the top 25 performing schools in the country. This includes the highest and third highest performing schools in the country for progress and attendance.

Mubaaruck was named Lancashire Headteacher of the Year in 2017 and was shortlisted for the TES Headteacher of the Year Award in the same year. He is a National Leader of Education who will bring considerable experience and expertise to complement our team here at Aldridge Education and I am delighted that he will be joining us in this key role.”  

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