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Our support for Aldridge Schools

We believe that being part of Aldridge Education should make our schools smarter, more effective and efficient.

It should enable incoming leaders, teachers and support staff at all levels to receive good support and coaching and to have every opportunity to succeed and to grow their careers over time. Ultimately our students should benefit from this and their outcomes should be strong as a result.

We provide wrap-around support for our schools and school leaders covering school improvement and a wide range of operation support:

School improvement

We seek to share best practice across our trust, recognising the unique expertise of our different schools within a clear operating model. Our four key levers of school improvement are:

  • Curriculum content & structure
  • Culture
  • Coaching, and
  • Data Driven Instruction.

Our school improvement model is supported by our Central Education team, an experienced team of senior teaching professionals and subject leads who work with our schools and teachers to help us get better, faster.

They support our schools in the development and delivery of the curriculum through:

  • Curriculum design and resources: working with core subject leaders on developing the Aldridge Standard - a set of criteria used when sequencing, planning and resourcing the curriculum. Our aim is to produce the highest quality fully resources curriculum in the core and non-core subjects available to all our academies
  • Curriculum delivery: what actually happens in the classroom. We work with the school coaching leads to coach staff in classroom practice, using a scope and sequence model focussed on classroom management and planning rigour
  • Closing gaps in learning: we help our schools ensure students reach their potential academically by closing gaps in learning through the use of data-driven instruction. This can range from helping in co-planning meetings to running a year11 intervention or developing regular gap closing cycles in the curriculum.

We have Trust-wide subject network groups run by Trust Leads in English, maths, science and humanities who work directly with school subject departments and visit regularly, working with subject leaders and school leadership teams to support them in the everyday work which we know drives success for our students.

We are also developing our Growing Together CPD programme, which includes accredited professional courses and induction programmes for teaching and non-teaching staff across our schools.

Read more about our support for School Improvement here.

“I think that the support that the school receives as part of the MAT is excellent, and I feel that, in terms of teaching and learning, there is clear understanding regarding the scope and sequence. I really enjoy working in this context”

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Operational support

The operational support for our schools covers a range of areas including:

  • Financial support and accountability

  • Payroll

  • Human resources and people development

  • Governance

  • Compliance

  • I.T. and technology

  • Property, estates and facilities, including health and safety

  • Procurement

  • Support for accessing external funding opportunities

  • Marketing and external communications, including media relations, and

  • Partnership building.

We also support with legal matters and transitioning of new schools into the Trust. 


Most importantly, we work closely and in partnership with our Principals to ensure that day-to-day operations are not a distraction from the core focus of our work – our learners.

The organisation feels principled and humane. Values drive behaviours and there is a relentless focus on learner progress and all aspects of quality. 

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If you would like to discuss our core offer - our commitment to each Aldridge school within the Trust - or joining our multi-academy trust, please contact us

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