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School improvement

We seek to share best practice across our trust, recognising the unique expertise of our different schools within a clear operating model. Our four key levers of school improvement are:

  • Curriculum content & structure
  • Culture
  • Coaching, and
  • Data Driven Instruction

Our school improvement model is supported by an experienced team of  senior teaching professionals and subject leads and focussed on:

  1. Developing the collective belief of Trust staff in their ability to positively affect students, thus supporting raised outcomes for learners.
  2. Building and deploying a full suite of resource, training and support for each of the Aldridge school improvement levers such that all schools embed these as the collective norm and the quality of learning is consistently excellent.
  3. Building and using a highly effective ‘review and refine’ process across all Aldridge sites which enables all to accurately see the gap, name it and fix it in a time-efficient manner, ensuring learning is strong for our students.
  4. Through rigorous expectations and work around culture, all Aldridge sites exceeding 90% compliance to expectation around student culture on a daily basis. This results in a strong focus on learning and high satisfaction rates around behaviour from all key stakeholders, including our student body.
  5. Building a curriculum model for applied academics which strongly complements our mainstream academic offer, supporting breadth of provision and enabling more students to succeed.
  6. An effective partnership with the Aldridge Foundation which supports the Trust in delivering a Gatsby+ programme and a set of extra-curricular opportunities which widen horizons and build social and cultural capital for pupils and students.
  7. A strong focus on the needs of SEND students and the most disadvantaged supports strong outcomes and clear next steps for these students, ensuring that they share equal success with their peers.