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The Aldridge Foundation established Aldridge Education as a national multi-academy trust in September 2016, taking over responsibility from the Foundation for its family of academy schools and colleges. 

There are currently eight schools within the MAT and an adult education provider and we are also the Lead Sponsor of a free-standing academy, Kensington Aldridge Academy.  Additionally, Sir Rod Aldridge was the founding Chair of Ada, the National College of Digital Skills, an FE College in Haringey - which the Trust supports as one of the Founding Partners, giving clear connectivity to the digital world and the apprenticeships programme.

1 Darwen Aldridge Community Academy

Brighton Aldridge Community Academy

3 Portslade Aldridge Community Academy

4 Darwen Aldridge Enterprise Studio School

5 Kensington Aldridge Academy

6 Darwen Vale High School

7 Sudell Primary School

Duke’s Aldridge Academy

9 UTC@MediaCityUK, Salford

10 Ada, the National College for Digital Skills 

11 Aldridge Adult Learning

The future of England’s education system relies upon schools and academies working closely together to share best practice, giving every student the best possible chances in life. We set up Aldridge Education to make this vision a reality, as a not-for-profit trust, and we work closely with our family of schools and colleges located in the North West, South East and London.

Our schools and adult leaning work in partnership with local individuals and organisations (charitable, voluntary, commercial, public sector) to develop each academy as a civic and community asset. Our academies are non-selective and free, with admissions based on the existing local authority system, and there are no entrance examinations.

Academy schools are schools funded directly by the Government, rather than via the local authority. Like all schools, Aldridge Education academies are inspected by OFSTED, and our GCSE and Post 16 exam results are made public. Each one has a Principal and Leadership team who are responsible for the day to day running of the academy, with a Local Governing Committee that includes parents and teachers. Part of the LGC’s role is to ensure that the local community is engaged with the academy so that the school is properly meeting its community’s needs.

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