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What does a strong culture look like?

It looks like 100%.  100% of people – both staff and students – able and willing to engage with the school culture every day.  That’s why it’s so important that staff have voice in, and own, the culture routines being used.  It’s also one of the reasons it’s important that our routines have equity and enable everyone to have a way to be successful with them, including those with individual or specific needs.

We believe that the difference between a good school and an excellent school is summed up in one word – consistency.  Everyone working to the same aims, to the same standards, to the same procedures and systems.  In the service of our learners.

Using our See It Name It Do It model for school improvement, there is a safe, collaborative and straightforward approach available for Aldridge schools to share and internalise the routines they devise and then support each other in being successful with these.

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