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Creative Results Help Studio Students Stand Out

Darwen Aldridge Enterprise Studio Principal Colin Grand congratulated students as they collected their GCSE results today. “Following our sixth-formers’ 100% pass rate last week I’d like to congratulate all of our GCSE students on their results. We aim to offer a curriculum to students who wish to lay strong foundations to effectively pursue a career in creative, technical and care sector areas, equipping them with a competitive advantage that is more than just strong GCSE results.”

DAES student Jasmine Wilkinson

Jasmine Wilkinson received a fantastic set of GCSE results. Alongside strong passes in English (Grade 8), and Maths she achieved top Grade 9s in Photography and in Graphic Design, as well as  a Distinction* in Film Production.

Jasmine is from a previously home-educated background and has thrived at the Studio school where she has been able to combine creative study in a range of disciplines alongside her English and Maths qualifications.





Connor Thomson joined the Studio in Year 9 in 2015. He had a passion for creative subjects and alongside core GCSEs he wanted to specialise in digital photography, graphic design and film production. Connor, 16, said “I was unable to specialise in these subjects at my previous school. The small class sizes and family feel to the school has helped me make amazing progress in my English and maths GCSEs, achieving grades 5 and 4 in these areas.”

“The main focus for me at the Studio was the opportunity to spend 9 hours per week on creative subjects. This meant that I could develop my skills and understanding to a really high level, achieving Grade 8 in GCSE photography, Grade 7 in GCSE Graphic design and a Distinction in Film production.”

Sam Pilkington joined the Studio in Year 10. During his GCSE assessment comments were made referring to Sam’s creative work as “ground-breaking, contemporary outcomes that have never been seen before.” Sam achieved a strong pass Grade 5 in English, and surpassed that with grades 7 in Maths, 6s in Sciences, Photography and in Graphics Design, and a Merit in Creative Media Production.