Aldridge Education


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Our Operating Norms



We all own the name, the right to speak, the reward and the responsibility.  We believe the best of each other, speak positively and act with thought and purpose in order to find solutions and to do good work.



Excellence is our bar - it's what we aim for together, nothing less - so we support each other to get better faster.


We champion equality

Inclusion and equality are central to our mission. We aim to leave no-one behind and we are fiercely anti-discrimination. 


We are in the work together

We each stand by our missions and we act with transparency and clarity. Because we share accountability, we both give and receive feedback. We celebrate honest support that makes us collectively better. 


We behave with integrity

Professionalism, honesty and humanity underpin every word and action. Truth and kindness work hand in hand.



We lead by example

We own our responsibility to live our norms. We expect to be role models to those around us in matters both small and large. 


We use time well

Time is precious so we work smart. We select actions and tools that provide the most benefit from time invested. We avoid creating unnecessary work for others.



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